TeaCHE Category 1

Category 1: Teaching Preparation

The foundation of the Teaching Capstone in Higher Education is a teaching preparation seminar or training course. This requirement can be fulfilled through one of the following options.

The Category 1 requirement may be fulfilled prior to entering the TeaCHE program.

Approved Departmental Training Courses

Many participants entering TeaCHE as graduate student TORs will have completed a teaching preparation course or workshop as part of their TOR preparation. The following departmental preparation programs have been approved for Category 1 TeaCHE credit:

  • English
  • History
  • Modern Languages & Cultures
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Sociology
  • Statistical Science

To request approval for your department's preparation course, please review our guidelines and contact us via email to petition for approval.

EDL 6302 - Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

EDL 6302 is a doctoral seminar designed to introduce graduate students to teaching in higher education through the exploration of curricular issues, course development and content, teaching techniques, learning concepts and theories, and the nature of faculty work. Note that this option is a doctoral seminar and, as such, requires doctoral standing to enroll. Participants in the capstone program who are in a master's degree program will need to take one of the other options in this category.

TOR Exemptions Not Applicable to TeaCHE

Some graduate student TORs are exempted from in-depth teaching preparation courses or workshops because of the nature of the courses taught (e.g., Music, HHPR, certain science labs). This exemption does not extend to the Teaching Capstone in Higher Education. That is, even if you are exempt from a teaching preparation workshop or course to be a TOR, you still must complete one of the Category 1 options to complete TeaCHE.