10th Anniversary Symposium

On Friday, October 12, 2018, in honor of our tenth anniversary, the ATL hosted Called to Teach, a symposium featuring presentations from educators across the University.

Many of the symposium presentations will appear in a forthcoming volume (edited by Christopher Richmann and Lenore Wright) entitled, Called to Teach: Excellence, Commitment, and Community in Christian Higher Education. Through this collection, the wisdom, experience, and insight of Baylor’s leading voices on teaching will continue to “inspire a community of learning,” both at Baylor and beyond.

Schedule of Events

  • 9:10-9:50 -- Opening Presentation
    • Robert Baird, "Baylor’s History of Teaching Excellence"
  • 10:00-11:00 -- Concurrent Sessions
    • Teaching Future Faculty
      • Anne-Marie Schultz, "Forming Philosophy Teachers: Using a Plato Graduate Seminar as Pedagogical Training and Professional Development"
      • T. Laine Scales, "Our Future Faculty as Stewards of the Academy"
    • The Vocation of the Christian Teacher
      • Nathan Alleman and Perry Glanzer, "The Outrageous Idea of Christian Teaching"
  • 11:10-12:10 -- Concurrent Sessions
    • Learning from Experience
      • Mona Choucair, "Lovin’ the Skin I’m In: The Need for Stories via Young Adult Literature in the Secondary Classroom"
      • Alexander Beaujean, "Learning From a (Master) Teacher: My Semester Observing Roger Kirk"
    • Reflecting on Baylor’s Strengths and Opportunities
      • Elizabeth Palacios, "Embracing Diversity through Cultural Humility"
      • Elizabeth Vardaman, "In Praise of Fireflies, Skeletons, and the Abbott’s Pew: Distinctives in the Deep Heart’s Core of Baylor"
  • 12:20-1:50 -- Lunch and Plenary Address
    • Alison Cook-Sather, "An Evolving Call to Teach: Moving from Sharing Passions to Making Space"
  • 2:00-3:00 -- Concurrent Sessions
    • Testing Classroom Approaches
      • Trey Cade, "An Inquiry-Based Approach to Teaching Space Weather to Non-Science Majors"
      • Bill Bellinger and Rebecca Poe Hays, "Teaching the Psalms: A Vocational Reflection"
    • Instructor Behavior and Identity
      • Byron Newberry, "Teacher Authority and the Student-Teacher Relationship: Searching for the Golden Mean"
      • Andy Arterbury, "Responding to Bad Questions and Poor Answers"
  • 3:10-4:10 -- Concurrent Sessions
    • Spirituality on Campus
      • Burt Burleson, "Nurturing Spiritual Intelligence through the Classroom"
      • Candi Cann, "Christian Community: Integrating God’s Vision with Residential Life and Academic Teaching"
    • Teaching for Life Beyond the University
      • Jon Singletary, "Discerning Vocation in Professional Education"
      • Laurel Zeiss, "Why Study Music?"
  • 4:20-5:00 -- Closing Presentation
    • Tom Hanks, "An Impossible Epilogue"