The Academy for Teaching and Learning maintains a subscription-based email distribution list. All subscribers receive two different types of email communications from the ATL.

Friends of the ATL

This communication type contains occasional announcements of ATL events, co-sponsored events, events and opportunities of interest to our subscribers, and news from the ATL.

Here's what's happening...

This communication type is a minimalist reminder of what is coming up on the calendar. Providing an at-a-glance view, these messages contain no more than four items with the bare facts like name, date & time, location, and a link. Rather than burden you with lots of text, the underlying message is "see our website for more info." The message frequency will vary depending on how densely scheduled events are over any given time (and, frankly, the time and opportunity we have, or don't have, to create them!). Each HWH message includes a downloadable 8.5 x 11 PDF for easy printing and posting. View a sample Here's what's happening...


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