Thank you again for the opportunity and I’m so excited to offer this training to our students which will greatly enhance their practicum experiences while here at Baylor and will definitely prepare them for their future careers. I learned so much and can’t wait to share the knowledge!

- Kristen Padilla-Mainor, Ed.S., LSSP, BCBA (Educational Psychology), 2018

Attending the conference for the National Institute for the Teaching of Psychology was very valuable to me, offering me many techniques that I could immediately apply in the classroom, as well as a number of ideas that I incorporated into my long-term teaching plans.... A number of presenters discussed evidence-based teaching and learning research, and ways to apply empirically derived strategies to our classroom teaching.... There were also several teaching demonstrations that gave techniques that I plan to immediately incorporate into my classes.... Overall, it was an incredibly valuable conference and will improve my ability to contribute to my department and to Baylor.

- Dr. Rachel Clark (Psychology and Neuroscience), 2018

This was a great experience, and after hearing me rave about it, my department chair asked me to share some thoughts about what I learned at our next faculty meeting. I'm going to encourage my colleagues to consider applying for a grant to attend themselves next year. I really think there is something for every teaching faculty member at this conference [Lilly Conference on Evidence-based Teaching and Learning, Austin, TX].

- Dr. Maria L. Boccia (Family and Consumer Sciences), 2018

This trip to India has added a whole new storehouse of knowledge and resources to my way of thinking and mentoring these students.... I believe that these experiences will cause me to think in much bolder ways about color, sound, texture, and even smell in reference to theatrical experiences.

[A] great deal of my teaching occurs in the rehearsal hall with actors, directors, and designers. I believe that this is where the trip will have its greatest impact as it alters and enriches my own theatrical aesthetic and that of my students through mentorship.

- Dr. Stan Denman (Theatre Arts), 2017

As soon as I returned to teaching my class at Baylor, I began to implement components of the teaching style of Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) as well as the components of TBRI.... I chose to implement, immediately, what I had learned rather than waiting until next semester.

- Carolyn Cole, LMSW (Diana R. Garland School of Social Work), 2017

I can say with confidence that this conference [National Institute for the Teaching of Psychology] has been the most influential for my pedagogical skills. I was able to get ideas and new approaches to courses in time to implement them this semester. Being able to share and learn new pedagogical approaches and best practices was incredibly useful for an early career faculty member such as myself. I am immensely thankful to have received funding to attend NITOP, which has already enhanced my teaching effectiveness.

- Dr. Karenna Malavanti (Psychology and Neuroscience), 2018

Consulting with the experts [in the Textile and Costume Collection of the Rhode Island School of Design] provided me with knowledge I can share with students, and allowed me to identify the areas of content I can revise. Meeting with those experts also created the initial step for academic collaboration.

- Dr. Jay Yoo (Family and Consumer Sciences), 2017

An overarching theme in my courses is how music intersects with an era's cultural, literary, and philosophical trends. Mozart's opera The Abduction from the Seraglio (Die Entführung aus dem Serail) is an excellent example in this regard, but the work also poses a number of dramaturgical challenges due to the difficulty of the music, its incorporation of spoken dialogue, and its Orientalist plot.... Contemporary stage directors must decide whether or not to modify or omit potentially offensive passages.... Seeing the opera in Houston allowed me to experience firsthand how a recent American production handled these issues...has broadened the examples and firsthand experiences I can incorporate into my class.

- Dr. Laurel Zeiss (Musicology, School of Music), 2017

My attendance at the conference allowed me to expand on elements in the Child and Family Ministry (CFS 4364) class in an intentional and dynamic way.... I believe incorporating more aspects of intergenerational ministry and the rituals in regards to faith development not only provide greater focus for the class, but also allow for greater alignment and enhancement of the family studies curriculum in the Child and Family Studies program.

- Dr. Nicole McAninch (Family and Consumer Sciences), 2017

Everything I learned in this department [Special Effects and Armoury] will allow me to greatly advance my execution of special effects on stage and elsewhere, especially in my props class.... I will also be using several techniques [from Stage Engineering, Automation, and Rigging] to demonstrate various effects and show applications in my rigging class this semester. Being able to show my students industry standards and practices will benefit them for their entire career.... I will be incorporating a vast quantity of new information into my classes and my workshops...as well as updating our safety manuals and procedures.

- Jordan Rousseau, MFA (Theatre Arts), 2017

While the resources [that I learned about at the event] are necessary and valuable, the most critical learning experience to me was the consistent focus on learning outcomes for both our students and graduate teaching assistants, as well as best practices in communicating our knowledge.... From a teaching perspective, I think the Earth Educator Rendezvous and SERC conferences in general have been invaluable to me during my time at Baylor.

- Sharon Browning, MS (Geosciences), 2017

As a result of a generous UTDG, I had the opportunity to study Baroque music in a two-week intensive program with some of the finest Baroque specialists in the world. I received daily instruction on Baroque performance practice, vocal style, and historical accuracy. I also participated in daily forums on early music professional career development, recording and technology skills related to Baroque singing, and Feldenkrais body work for musicians. This workshop has been uniquely valuable to me as a voice/singing teacher, as it has provided me with the skills needed to better train my Baylor voice students in proper Baroque style.

- Dr. Jamie Van Eyck (Vocal Studies, School of Music), 2017

I knew I would return with a certificate in Contemporary Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy, but the knowledge and experience I received was invigorating and inspirational.... The institute was three sessions long and all three sessions presented innovative pedagogical techniques which I am eager to apply to my own courses.... I can't wait for the semester to start to implement the techniques gained.

- Lauren Weber, MFA (Theatre Arts), 2017

A University Teaching Development Grant funded my participation in a "Living Latin" conference. From that, I am developing increased active use of Latin in my courses to increase student reading ability and confidence in learning and understanding the language.

- Dr. David J. White (Classics), 2017