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In addition to our regular programs and services, the Academy for Teaching and Learning offers special events and collaborates with others on events and projects related to our mission to support and inspire a flourishing community of learning.

We welcome new opportunities to collaborate and offer special events. If you have an idea for an event or collaboration that intersects with our mission, contact us at

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Connecting with International Students in the Classroom

Strategies for Understanding Cultural Backgrounds

Tuesday, February 25, 2:30-3:30
Jones Library – Creekmore Conference Room

As international student enrollment increases on campus, instructors may find students in their classes who are non-native speakers of English, whose cultural norms for academics and communication are not the same as ours, and whose life experiences may have been very different from those of domestic students. These differences can certainly enrich classroom interaction and discussion; however, they may also pose some distinct challenges for professors. This workshop offers practical experience using several different survey instruments aimed at better understanding student diversity as well as perspectives on addressing student behavior with an eye for cultural differences.

Strategies for Teaching and Grading

Tuesday, March 31, 2:30-3:30
Jones 200 – Dennis Campbell Innovative Learning Space

Whether from the United States or from other countries, students have varying needs in the academic setting for their learning and development. Adapting academic materials for non-native speakers of English is crucial to ensuring their success. Additionally, developing appropriate and thoughtful grading strategies can develop productive feedback systems for these students. In this workshop, we will consider strategies for communicating ideas to non-native English speakers and ensuring connection between ideas. Additionally, we will investigate best practices for course scaffolding, error correction, and out-of-class communication with English language learners.

Strategies for Reaching Non-native Speakers of English

Tuesday, April 14, 2:30-3:30
Jones 200 – Dennis Campbell Innovative Learning Space

Every culture uses a unique social language to express ideas and information; the culture of the American classroom is no different. However, with a growing population of non-native English speakers, an increased degree of thoughtfulness is necessary when considering communication. Modifying the language used in the classroom is an effective strategy for connecting with international students. Whether a slower pace of speaking or rephrasing colloquial statements to a simpler structure of language, faculty have the ability to improve student understanding through simple adjustments to their communication. In this workshop, we will develop verbal and visual communication strategies that impact international student comprehension and retention of knowledge.

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