Foundations for Teaching Workshop

Are you a new graduate student instructor looking for additional teaching development training? A more experienced graduate student instructor seeking tips before starting a new teaching position? The Foundations for Teaching Workshop (FTW) is for you!

This free, two-day workshop provides graduate student instructors with a basic toolkit for effective teaching, assessment, and course design. Participants will get insights and guidance from Baylor's excellent faculty and receive hands-on training in critical skills such as syllabus construction, course planning, teaching strategies, and classroom management. Attendees will also try out their new skills by engaging in syllabus peer review and giving a short teaching demonstration.

Graduate students at all experience levels are encouraged to attend. Attendance at this workshop fulfills the Category 1 requirement for the TeaCHE (Teaching Capstone in Higher Education) program offered by the Baylor University Graduate School.

2018 FTW

Location: Marrs McLean Science Building #301

Attendees who complete the workshop will receive a copy of Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning by Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roeiger III, and Mark A. McDaniel.

Breakfast and Lunch will be provided both days.

Schedule of Events
Tuesday, May 8th

Registration, breakfast, and welcome

"Enhancing Student Motivation" - Dr. Linda McManness, Modern Languages and Cultures

"The Science of Learning" - Dr. Charles Weaver, Psychology and Neuroscience

Breakout A: "Effective Lecturing" or "Discussions that Teach" (attendees' choice)


"Assessment and Feedback" - Dr. Eric Robinson, Educational Psychology

"Course Planning" - Dr. Chris Rios, Graduate School

Wednesday, May 9th
Check-in and breakfast

Breakout B: "Classroom Technology" or "Active Learning Strategies" (attendees' choice)

Microteaching workshop


Syllabus workshop

Graduate School professional development opportunities

Question and Answer panel

Concluding remarks

Schedule Details
Day one of the workshop will consist of plenary and breakout sessions led by some of Baylor’s best teachers who will share their experiences and advice with attendees. Two breakout sessions will be offered over the course of the workshop where attendees may choose the topic that is most interesting and relevant to their own teaching.

Day two of the workshop includes a breakout session as well as a short (10-12-minute) teaching demonstration from participants and a syllabus workshop.

During the microteaching workshop, each attendee will present a teaching demonstration on a topic of their choice to a small group of peers and an ATL Graduate Fellow. Both the presenter and observers provide feedback and discuss the demonstration in a constructive and supportive atmosphere. Attendees may use whatever technology or software they desire and may present in whatever style they wish (discussion, small group work, lecture etc.). The exercise is most helpful, however, when presenters use a style that is typical of their behavior in the classroom. Any PowerPoints or digital software you plan to use may be uploaded during the welcome/coffee hour at the beginning of day two.

For the syllabus workshop attendees bring a syllabus they have written themselves, either for a course they are teaching or a course they would like to teach in the future, or one that they have borrowed and modified as they see fit. It is not necessary that the syllabus include a day-by-day schedule of course activities but should otherwise be as complete as possible. Syllabi will be peer-reviewed in groups of 3, so attendees should come with three hard copies printed at the beginning of day two.