University Teaching Development Grant

2018-19 Deadlines

  • September 13, 2018
  • November 8, 2018
  • February 7, 2019
  • April 11, 2019


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UTDG Application
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Send your completed application and supporting documents to
Additionally, a signed hard copy of the application, along with all supporting documentation, should be sent to:

Director, Academy for Teaching and Learning
One Bear Place 97189, CAMPUS

or hand-delivered to Marrs McLean Science Building #274.

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Grant Guidelines

Baylor offers limited internal funding for teaching grants. University Teaching Development Grants, formerly called Faculty Development Grants, are awarded to provide modest financial support for travel expenses and/or fees incurred by faculty to engage in activities that enhance their effectiveness as teachers. These activities must be primarily teaching related. The grants are intended to fund activities for which other funding avenues are not available (e.g., activities that would not be funded by University Research Committee grants or departmental travel funds). The following items would not be funded by UTDG:

  • research-related activities;
  • materials, equipment, or software for use in the classroom;
  • regular attendance at professional conferences.

Attendance at meetings or conferences that the faculty member does not attend on a regular basis will be considered by the committee based on the committee's assessment of its impact on teaching effectiveness as reflected in the proposal.

The following guidelines apply to requests for university teaching development funds:

  • Grant requests for internal funding are reviewed by the Faculty Development Committee twice during the fall semester and twice during the spring semester. Both a hard copy and an electronic copy of application must be received by 5:00 pm on the date due (see submission instructions below). The Committee consists of full-time University faculty members and the Director of the Academy for Teaching and Learning.
  • Eligible applicants include tenured faculty, tenure-track faculty, lecturers, and senior lecturers who have a teaching appointment for the following academic year. Adjuncts, post-doctoral fellows, visiting professors, and faculty in their last year of teaching at Baylor are not eligible.
  • Grant awards are limited to no more than a total of $1,500 for any individual faculty member within a two-year period.
  • If the University Teaching Development Grant application is for travel or study not associated with a professional workshop or other organized professional event, the applicant must submit with his or her justification a detailed itinerary including the following:
    • Locations (universities, libraries, museums, etc.) to be visited
    • Dates of the visit
    • A clearly defined classroom-strengthening purpose
    • Names, positions, and expertise of faculty colleagues or other professionals with whom you will confer; the dates and duration of scheduled meetings; specific information on topics to be discussed or an agenda of activities; confirmation correspondence; and other supporting materials.
  • Applications to attend pre- or post-conference workshops and sessions will be considered. Normally, registration fees, lodging, and meals may be covered. If the applicant is not attending the annual meeting itself, the committee may consider the cost of travel.
  • Funds will not be granted to attend workshops solely for the purpose of maintaining certification in a discipline or field.
  • University Teaching Development Grant funds may not be used by one faculty member to compensate any other faculty member for services rendered.
  • The total number of grants allotted to faculty in the various Army/Baylor Graduate Programs will not exceed two per year.
  • Grants for group travel are capped at $7500 per year.
  • There will be no travel advances for University Teaching Development Grants. The faculty member will be reimbursed after an ER has been submitted. Only those expenses that meet the university's standards will be reimbursed. Please refer to for additional information.
  • Please note: If applying for retroactive reimbursement, please be aware University Travel Policy states the traveler must be reimbursed within 30 days of trip's end. Any grant money awarded for retroactive travel, will be transferred to the department in which the funds were expended.

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