Summer Faculty Institute

Dates for SFI 2020: May 26 - June 26, 2020
Applications for SFI 2020 are due September 27, 2019

Overview of the Institute

During the Summer Faculty Institute participants will converse about and otherwise explore elements of teaching, research, and collegiality extending from constructing syllabi to managing preparation-time wisely, from enlisting colleagues as critics of our writing to managing writing-time wisely, from serving on departmental committees to taking part in the conversation about what it means to be a Tier-One Christian University.

Principal Activities

  • From the first, emphasizing the importance of generating new insights or knowledge and spreading that new material through research and publication as well as through our teaching.
  • Helping participants begin to articulate a plan of coinherence between research and teaching which includes developing a research agenda, a five-year plan for accomplishing that agenda, and ideas about how to integrate teaching and research into a seamless web of productivity.
  • Exploring regular daily writing combined with satisfactory, but not excessive, preparation for the classroom.
  • Exploring the art of teaching while eliciting insights from participants into teaching and learning and adding insights from experienced teachers as well.
  • Providing guidance about the effective use of technology in the classroom.
  • Modeling team teaching, and inviting reflections about the process.
  • Modeling interdisciplinary teaching, and, again, inviting reflections on the process.
  • Discussing collegiality at Baylor and in Academe in general.
  • Conversing about the notion of service at Baylor: service to the department, to the school, to the university, to the profession, and to the larger community.
  • Combining the activities of teaching, scholarship, and mentoring with Christian conceptions of calling or vocation.
  • Throughout the month of our meetings, emphasizing the absolute need to manage our time in such a way that enjoyably living one’s own life, especially one’s family life (if applicable), remains a top priority.

Other Information

  • Eligibility: SFI is available to full-time faculty with a contract for the upcoming academic year and the expectation of continued employment at Baylor beyond the upcoming academic year.
  • Funding: Selected participants will receive 20% of their annual salaries up to $10,000. Pay is based on a 10-month contract. Employees with a 12-month contract may not receive remuneration for their participation in the SFI.
  • Contact: Applications may be obtained by following the link at the top of this page.
  • Deadline: Applications are due by 5 p.m. on the designated due date. Please mail a hard copy with appropriate signatures to One Bear Place #97189 or deliver it to Marrs McLean Science Building #274. Please also email an electronic copy to