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I learned about my students, I learned about online teaching, and I learned that I still have a lot to learn.
-Tracey Jones, Lecturer, MLC
Flower Darby in the Community column at the Chronicle for Higher Education.
We don't always get a second chance. But this fall, you are eligible for a do-over. Here are a few small changes you can make for a more engaging and personal online learning experience.






Special Resources for Fall 2020

Online Student Quickstart Canvas Site (One-time initial enrollment required for faculty access.)

As you prepare your course syllabi for this upcoming term, please consider guiding your students to a new Baylor resource designed to help them successfully navigate learning online.  A special Canvas course is available for your students: Online Student Quickstart. You may want to include a statement such as, "Visit and review the Online Student Quickstart that is on your Canvas Dashboard page in order to familiarize yourself with technology needed this semester."

Topics covered in the “Online Student Quickstart” orientation include:

  • Strategies for success in online courses
  • Guides to using key Baylor technologies successfully in your coursework
  • Quick links and information about valuable Baylor resources that will help you with your online courses


Faculty Learning Hub Canvas Site

The Faculty Learning Hub was designed to jump-start your journey of developing and implementing online teaching and learning. These resources have been organized to support browsing and targeted searches. Review the descriptions below to orient yourself to the Hub, and then navigate to the destination that best suits your needs.


Learning Together Website

Learning Together is the result of cross-divisional collaborations focused on supporting the needs of Baylor faculty and students. Whether you are new to online and hybrid instruction or have years of experience, this website will provide you with simple steps, recommendations, and templates for building an engaging learning environment that meets your instructional objectives. It will cover instructional and assessment strategies, tools for enhancing the online or hybrid experience and strategies to help you bring the best practices to life.