Lt. Jack Whetsel Practice Facility
The Lt. Jack Whetsel Jr. Practice Facility was dedicated on September 8, 2006. The $8 million practice facility was completed in only 10 months - it is 42,990 square feet and gives the Baylor basketball teams their own state-of-the-art workout facility. The Whetsel facility is attached to the Ferrell Center. The basketball teams will no longer be displaced by graduation, concerts and other events taking place at the Ferrell Center, student-athletes will be able to practice their skills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in their quest for success.

  • The J-Hawk Limited and Nell Hawkins Practice Courts, two separate full-size courts which allows the men's and women's teams to practice at the same time
  • Wall-mounted video equipment on each court to provide coaches more information to modify instructions
  • Flooring systems in the practice courts that are exact replicas of the Ferrell Center court, giving the game day experience
  • Hydraulic goals that are the actual units used at the 2006 NCAA men's and women's Final Four championship
  • Coaches offices are on the second floor end zone giving them all a view of their respected courts. The Head coaches have end offices with their own private balconies for viewing their team's court
  • The Gray Weight Room, is a highly advanced strength and conditioning center, it is big enough for both teams to use at the same time and there is room to spare
  • The Basketball Hall of Honor welcomes you in the entry way
  • The Stone Reception room