Student Publication Marks 50th Anniversary

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March 4, 2009
The Phoenix, Baylor's student-run literary magazine, will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The anniversary issue, which is free for all students and faculty, is scheduled to be released April 15th. Copies of the magazine will be available for pickup in Carroll Science Building.

The Phoenix accepts submissions in many areas, including poetry, short fiction and nonfiction, drawings, photography and lithography. The short fiction and nonfiction works are limited to 10 pages per work.

Dr. Coretta Pittman, faculty sponsor of the magazine, is pleased with the amount of submissions received this year. "We received many more submissions than in previous years," she states. Dr. Pittman attributes the higher volume to increased visibility of The Phoenix around campus.
The submissions are reviewed by an editorial panel, which consists of seven students this year. Each year, Dr. Pittman handpicks students to make up the editorial board. These students are mostly drawn from her Freshman Seminar and Advanced Expository Writing classes, although any student can apply for the position.

The editors of The Phoenix gain valuable experience. They not only must edit the pieces, but they are also responsible for deciding which works will be accepted by the magazine and which will be rejected.

Dr. Pittman believes that The Phoenix not only helps the editors gain experience, but "it's great for the writers as well." "When you submit to the Phoenix, you know what you're getting," she says. Not only are students' works reviewed by the panel of editors, but each student also receives a serious critique of his or her submission, whether or not it is accepted for the magazine. "This is much better than submitting your works to websites, where you never know the qualifications of the person reviewing them," states Dr. Pittman.

The Phoenix also offers a $50 prize to the top submissions in fiction and poetry, as voted on by the editorial panel.
For more information about The Phoenix, visit or contact Dr. Pittman at 254-710-6980.
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