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November 25, 2008
A lecture series in the department of journalism recently brought in two of the very few surviving reporters who covered the assassination in person, as well as the subsequent events involving Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald. Hugh Aynesworth and Mike Cochran spoke about how on that historic day, neither one had been assigned to cover Kennedy's motorcade.

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Since 1899, the department of journalism has been educating writers, editors, photographers and public relations practitioners who shape and change the world through written and graphic communications. Their commitment to educating students includes bringing in prestigious journalists to talk about their experiences in the industry and offer insight to emerging journalism professionals.

Speakers for the spring semester include Tom Belden and Mike Kennedy. Both were co-editors of the Baylor Lariat in 1969 and went on to have successful careers in journalism. Belden was at the Philadelphia Inquirer and Kennedy was at the Los Angeles Times before joining the staff of The Tennessean in Nashville and relocated recently to NPR in Washington, DC.

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