Baylor Alumna Finds Passion in Fashion

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November 25, 2008
What began as only a hope became a reality for this Baylor alumna and has taken her to new heights in the fashion world.

Heather Cunningham began her college career at the University of Oklahoma and then transferred to Baylor when she decided to change her major to fashion design in the department of family and consumer sciences. She chose Baylor because when she had visited she noticed how the faculty in the department cared about each student and knew them personally.

While at Baylor, Heather was very involved with campus life. She helped to start the All-Girl Yell Leaders and was a member of Chi Omega. It was through her involvement in these organizations she learned how to be a leader, how to work with others and how to prioritize her time efficiently.

"My favorite thing about fashion is getting to express personality and style," says Heather. Growing up she considered herself a trendsetter because she always wanted to wear something new and different from what everyone else was wearing. She always knew she wanted to own her own business and do something she was passionate about.

Since graduation, Heather has launched her own line of collegiate apparel called Campus Couture. The line focuses on trendy styles and designs in college colors. The company currently sells clothes in Baylor colors with Southern Methodist University and Texas Christian University set to debut soon. While in college Heather saw a need for these products because the only thing for girls to wear consisted of unfitted t-shirts and sweatshirts.

All the designs for Campus Couture come from her personal experience in college. The needs and wants of college students and fans then combined with the current fashion trends.

Recently she was approached by the Dallas Cowboys to be a Senior Designer for Dallas Cowboys Merchandising, Ltd. The vice president had seen her success with Campus Couture and knew she had experience with licensed apparel. If it had not been for Campus Couture, Heather would have never considered this type of position. Her favorite thing about working for the Dallas Cowboys has been getting to be a part of such a growing franchise with several perks including getting to meet some of the player and dressing their wives and girlfriends.

Although she is working for the Dallas Cowboys, she still considers Campus Couture to be her baby. Heather still owns, designs and oversees day-to-day operations for Campus Couture.

"When I create designs for Campus Couture I aspire to give the market what they want, but also put a little of my personality in each garment," said Heather.
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