Campus News & Notes

Campus News & Notes

Spring 2020

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Beginning this spring semester, Baylor students are able to examine warfare and its role in our world from a Christian perspective through a new minor in military studies. The multidisciplinary minor is open to all majors, not just ROTC students. It examines not only warfare but many factors beyond the traditional battlefield such as diplomacy, leadership, ethics, health and public service — all which affect and are affected by military undertakings.

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Baylor University has been ranked on the Peace Corps' list of top volunteer-producing colleges and universities in 2020, coming in at No. 21 among medium-sized schools. There are currently 17 Baylor alumni serving as Peace Corps volunteers around the world.

The Baylor Institute for Air Science held a grand opening ceremony for the new Baylor University Flight Center at Waco Regional Airport. The flight center is where Baylor students pursuing air sciences degrees learn to fly on their way to careers in the aviation industry.

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The College of Arts & Sciences launched its unified core curriculum this past fall, and one of the new graduation requirements for students receiving their degrees is to attend 12 approved Cultural Events Experiences (CEEs) during their time at Baylor, with at least two events from the categories of art, film, music, theatre and literature/world cultures. The CEE program got off to a great start in fall 2019, with 1,708 students attending one or more of 54 CEE events

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As Baylor University celebrated its 175th birthday this Feb. 1, it marks the 50th anniversary of a special Founders Day Convocation on Baylor’s 125th birthday. Speaking before 10,000 people in the Heart O’ Texas Coliseum on Feb. 1, 1970, guest speaker Billy Graham said, “There is no reason for Baylor’s existence as an educational institution without spiritual emphasis. That is one thing we’ve got that makes us unique. That is why there will always be a Baylor.”