DEI in the Curriculum

Within the Core Curriculum

All of the A&S common core courses contain DEI components. Chapel includes speakers from diverse backgrounds who speak to students about the Christian message. English 2310 provides exposure to diverse literary cultures in the United States to encourage students to “listen to and analyze voices and intentions represented in American literature.” History 1300 examines America’s role in the world from varying racial, ethnic, and gendered perspectives. Political Science 1387 includes numerous case studies that examine cultural, moral, and religious DEI.  Religion 1310 allows students to study the Bible while addressing questions of race, ethnicity, and diversity, among other themes. Religion 1350 examines the diverse cultures and backgrounds that comprise the history and heritage of the Christian church.

There are DEI requirements also built into some of the Distribution Lists (DL). Of the nine DLs, five have DEI expectations/requirements: Communication and Media, Contemporary Social Issues, Fine Arts/Performing Arts, Foreign Language and Cultures, and Literature in Context.


Common Courses

Distribution Lists


Within Courses & Programs

In addition to the intentional DEI elements incorporated into the Core Curriculum, the College of Arts & Sciences offers multiple programs and a multitude of courses, spanning numerous departments, with a focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


Women & Gender Studies

Race and Ethnic Studies - forthcoming