Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The College of Arts & Sciences is deeply committed to advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and recognition within our classrooms, our research spaces, our campus, and the wider community. Following Baylor’s mission “to educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service by integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment within a caring community,” the College commits to promoting a culture of care and respect for all people as we as educators and as Christians confront inequities relating to race and privilege in America. In research, scholarship, teaching, and service, A&S is committed to bringing diverse experiences and perspectives to the table, believing that only with a diverse array of voices can we live into our Christian mission to nurture and discover the dynamic, creative, and cutting-edge ideas that help us promote human flourishing and advance better solutions to societal challenges.

5 Pillars of DEI in A&S

Diversity of many sorts—intellectual, racial, ethnic, economic, national origin, (dis)ability—lies at the core of Baylor’s mission as a Christian university, where concern for the “other” is witnessed in the Christian Scriptures and in other Christian teachings.  The principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to our mission to pursue research and teaching excellence, to shape our students and prepare them for the global world, and to care for one another as Christ commands us to do.  Diversity in its many forms promotes the sharing of new ideas and perspectives that is central to the advancement of research and knowledge, creating a vibrant academic landscape built upon intellectual inquiry, Christian commitment, and belief in the dignity and worth of all human beings.


Arts & Sciences Pillar 5 Document