A&Spire to Illuminate Signature Academic Initiatives


The College of Arts & Sciences is naturally poised to be a major player in any forthcoming initiatives in the University related to data sciences. Faculty in the Department of Statistical Science work on problems related to data sciences every day. Moreover, the emerging field of digital humanities will engage our interested faculty in the humanities departments in research under the umbrella of data sciences. While we are not pursuing a specific initiative or strategic plan related to the data sciences at this time, we hope that during the five-year window of this strategic plan a robust data sciences initiative will take shape and gain broad support across the University with Arts & Sciences faculty from statistics, mathematics and the humanities playing a strong role.

Goal 1: Collaborate on the design and implementation of a broad Data Sciences Initiative.

Year 1: In 2020-2021, Arts & Sciences implemented a fee structure for the Statistical Consulting Center. As a result, revenue from external partners will support research projects in every academic unit at Baylor.

Year 2: We are launching a joint degree with the Hankamer School of Business on business analytics.

Action Steps

1.1   Collaborate with other interested parties within the College and in other academic units to design and refine a broad Data Sciences Initiative with a digital humanities component. The Associate Dean for Research and the Associate Dean for the Humanities will lead this collaboration.

1.2   Seek funding opportunities to endow the Initiative and its various programs.