A&Spire to Illuminate Pillar 5

Fostering Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

The College of Arts & Sciences is deeply committed to advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and multiculturalism within its classrooms, its research spaces, the campus, and the wider community. As Christians and as citizens of a multicultural democracy, we are inspired to promote a culture of care and respect for all people as we confront issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity in America and the world. In research, scholarship, teaching, and service, we are committed to bringing diverse experiences and perspectives to the academic table, knowing that only with an array of voices can we nurture and discover the dynamic, creative, and cutting-edge ideas that help us promote human flourishing and advance better solutions to societal challenges. 

Vision: Build on previous steps in the College of Arts & Sciences to foster diversity, inclusion, and equity in Arts & Sciences.

Goal 1: Become more diverse and inclusive across all aspects of Arts & Sciences, to include improved hiring practices, curriculum enhancement, addressing the needs of under-represented students, targeted research activities, and promotion of special events.

Action Steps

1.1    Form a committee appointed by the Dean of faculty to study diversity needs unique to A&S and submit recommendations to the A&S Council of Chairs (COC) by their May 2021 meeting.

     Year 1: Completed.

1.2    Receive recommendations from the COC in response to the committee proposal regarding the implementation of key initiatives and/or continue committee activities into the following year, as needed.

     Year 1: The diversity plan will be put to a vote for implementation at the fall Council of Chairs meeting.