A&Spire to Illuminate

Baylor University

College of Arts & Sciences

Strategic Plan 2020-2025


The associate deans and affiliated staff in the Dean's Office of the Baylor University College of Arts & Sciences worked diligently to produce a draft document based on the completed work of the previous Arts & Sciences strategic plan, A&Spire, and in response to the new University plan, Illuminate. After receiving feedback from department chairs and faculty, we made further revisions as you will see in this published document.

I extend my gratitude to those who worked so hard to support the greater good of Baylor University and for their willingness to stretch themselves in their aspirations.

Lee C. Nordt

Dean, College of Arts & Sciences



Strategic plan contributors: Mark Anderson, Michael Beaty, Lauren Barron, Bill Bellinger, Frieda Blackwell, Paul Bryant, Blake Burleson, Trey Cade, Gary Carter, David Clinton, George Cobb, Steve Driese, Pat Farmer, Randy Fiedler, Kevin Gardner, Ken Hafertepe, Chris Hansen, Barry Hankins, Andy Hogue, Ken Jones, Carrolle Kamperman, Kim Kellison, Michael Long, Carson Mencken, Dorina Mitrea, Marcie Moehnke, Michael Muehlenbein, Viola Osborn, Lauren Poor, Brian Raines, Mia Moody-Ramirez, Dwight Russell, Rich Sanker, Dave Schlueter, Dwayne Simmons, Julie Stahl, James Stamey, DeAnna Toten Beard, Janine Robinson-Turner, Chuck Weaver, Ken Wilkins, Lynn Wisely