Office of Interdisciplinary Programs

Welcome to the Office of Interdisciplinary Programs! 

Abraham Joshua Heschel rightly claimed that “Wonder, rather than doubt, is the root of all knowledge.” Sometimes the wonder we experience leads us to very particular academic pursuits; sometimes the wonder we experience leads us to questions or challenges that seem to transcend any one particular disciplinary approach. The Baylor University Office of Interdisciplinary Programs exists for those who wonder about the big questions and challenges that require insight or approaches from multiple disciplines. This is the place where the disciplines meet, converse, collaborate, and occasionally even argue!

Baylor’s College of Arts & Sciences is strongly committed to providing a thorough grounding in Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Natural Sciences –– this is essential for cultivating a broad liberal arts education. Further, there are great programs in any number of excellent departments throughout the College that are firmly dedicated to specific disciplines. Yet, to use the language of the Arts & Sciences strategic plan, A&Spire, the College is also dedicated to providing learning opportunities that are “interdisciplinary, research-driven, and combine curricular and co-curricular experiences.” To that end, the Office of Interdisciplinary Programs provides opportunities for students and faculty across the College to explore and imagine new programs and projects that necessarily engage multiple academic disciplines. In essence, we exist to energize and support those programs that would not otherwise have an academic or disciplinary home.

Whether you are exploring our undergraduate majors, minors, or certificates, our public events, or ongoing and potential interdisciplinary research opportunities in Arts & Sciences, it is our sincere hope that you find the wonder of which Heschel speaks.