A&S Core Submissions

The Core Curriculum Advisory Committee (CCAC) and the College of Arts & Sciences Curriculum Committee will work together closely this spring and summer to evaluate courses submitted for inclusion in the College’s new core curriculum.  We have prepared an outline for course submission and preliminary guidance to aid you in your work.

Courses submitted will fall into one of three categories:

  1. entirely new courses,
  2. existing courses that need catalog changes,
  3. existing courses requiring no catalog change. 

All three types of courses must be submitted for consideration to the CCAC.

To submit a course to the CCAC for inclusion in the new Core Curriculum, you must complete the Course Application Form.  You also need to complete the Course Template Form with the syllabus information.  Email these forms to as_core_submissions@baylor.edu

Courses in categories (1) or (2) will also need to be considered by the usual Curriculum Committee.  Therefore, they require a Bearquest.  We advise that you prepare the Bearquest for these courses as you are preparing the material to submit to the CCAC, but wait to submit the Bearquest until the CCAC has notified you that the course is approved for inclusion in the new Core Curriculum.  After the CCAC has approved the course for the new Core, submit the associated Bearquest.  The Curriculum Committee will then evaluate the new course or the changes to the existing course.

If, instead, your course is category (3), after the CCAC has approved the course for the new Core you are finished.

All courses approved for the new core will be given a new “Course Property” code in Banner that indicates to which part of the new Core it belongs.  For 2018, the Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office will coordinate with the Registrar’s Office to implement this coding.  No additional steps are required by the departments.