Student Research Opportunities in Physics

Below you will find a listing of all available research opportunities in Political Science. Please use the contact information listed in each posting for further information regarding the research opportunities.

Jeffrey Olafsen

Interdisciplinary Research in Physics

My research interests focus on nonlinear, non-equilibrium and chaotic systems. The projects tend to be table top in scope which allow students to be exposed to both experimental as well as theoretical aspects of the research. The research questions also naturally lend themselves to interdisciplinary research questions that connect different disciplines. Because of this, I have supervised students in physics as well as biology, chemistry, mathematics and engineering. Outcomes for prior students have included theses, journal articles and presentations at national meetings. A sample of papers published: 1. B. Bammes and J. S. Olafsen, "Empirically modeling polymer collapse in a poor solvent via a non-equilibrium, granular chain experiment." Granular Matter, Volume 16, Number 2, 16: 259 – 268 (2014). 2. L. J. Olafsen, I. K. Eaves, and J. S. Olafsen, "Synchronized Mid-infrared Beam Characterization of Narrow Gap Semiconductors," American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings, 1416, pp. 88-90; doi:10.1063/1.3671705 (2011). 3. K. Combs, J. S. Olafsen, A. Burdeau, and P. Viot, "Thermostatistics of a single particle on a granular dimer lattice: Influence of defects." Physical Review E, 78, 042301 (2008). 4. S. Feldt and J. S. Olafsen, "Inelastic Gravitational Billiards." Physical Review Letters, 94, 224102 (2005).

Recommended Pre-requisites: Minimally any indructory science sequence if not PHY I & II
Course Credit Offered: Yes
Begin Date: Projects may begin at any time 
Semesters Available: fall/spring/full summer
Contact Information: