Student Research Opportunities in Geoscience

Below you will find a listing of all available research opportunities in Geoscience. Please use the contact information listed in each posting for further information regarding the research opportunities.

Scott James

Numerical Modeling

Various projects require student interns to manage model runs, analyze model outputs, and summarize results in reports. Projects include modeling for marine renewable energy projects (current energy conversion), forecasting ocean-wave conditions using deep learning, modeling kelp growth for a DOE biofuels project, and other machine learning applications.

Recommended Pre-requisites: Must have strong computer skills including some programming.
Course Credit Offered: No
Start Date: Open
Semesters Available: Fall/Spring/Full Summer
Contact Information:

James Fulton

Applications of organic chemistry and microbiology to geological systems and biogeochemistry.

Recommended Pre-requisites: Chemistry, Biology, and/or Geology courses
Start Date: Open
Semesters Available: Fall, Spring, Full Summer
Contact Information: