Student Research Opportunities in Biology

Below you will find a listing of all available research opportunities in Biology. Please use the contact information listed in each posting for further infor regarding the research opportunities.

Tamarah Adair

Advanced Microbial Genomics

I have opportunities for students interested in bacteriophage or ciliate genomics.

Recommended Pre-requisites: Preferred BIO 1405/1406 or CILI-CURE 1105/1106
Start Date: Fall 2018
Course Credit: Yes
Semesters Available: Spring
Contact Information:

Michael Moore

I study student motivation and behavior for learning in the biology classroom. We are looking at ways that learning assistants impacts student motivation. I also look at the impact of training initiatives on Learning Assistant classroom behavior. I am also interested in looking at acceptance of evolution as it relates to the specific language we use when talking about the evidence for evolution. We are always looking to take on new undergraduates who are interested in participating in these on-going projects.

Course Credit Offered: Yes
Semesters Available: Spring/Full Summer
Contact Information:

Jason Pitts

Mosquito Sensory Biology

Our lab investigates the sensory biology of mosquitoes that transmit diseases like Zika, Dengue and Malaria. Of particular interest are the chemical- and temperature-sensing pathways that direct mosquitoes to feed on humans and other animals. We utilize a range of molecular and behavioral techniques to study mosquito responses to environmental stimuli. A long-term objective of our efforts is to develop new methods of mosquito surveillance and control that can be integrated into existing vector management programs.

Recommended Pre-requisites: BIO 1305/1105 and BIO 1306/1106
Course Credit Offered: Yes
Semesters Available: Fall/Spring/Full Summer
Contact Information: