Arts & Sciences Faculty and Staff: Research and Development

Academy for Teaching and Learning
Baylor University’s Academy for Teaching and Learning (ATL) has a two-fold mission: globally, to support and inspire a flourishing community of learning; locally, to promote the integration of teaching, scholarship, collegiality, and service in a Christian environment. This pursuit of wholeness reflects the university’s pursuit of personal and academic integrity: the integrated person in the integrated community.

Faculty Career Development
Gain access to a variety of activities, procedures and programs to promote improved faculty performance as teachers and scholars within the context of a Christian university.

Grand Challenge (Global Health)
The Dean's Office of the Baylor University College of Arts & Sciences provides support for Global Health Grand Challenge proposals under five broad thematic umbrellas: quality of life; sustainability; population health; vulnerability and risk; and energy.

Research Leaves, Summer Research and Teaching Innovation Awards, and Grants
View information on research leaves, summer research and teaching innovations awards, and grant assistance for faculty travel, research and other forms of academic development.

Vice Provost for Research
The Office of the Vice Provost for Research aids faculty members from all academic units in identifying, obtaining and managing the funding needed to support their research and scholarship.