Majors in Arts & Sciences

Advisement in Arts & Sciences
Freshmen, sophomore and juniors in the College of Arts & Sciences are advised through CASA, whose mission is to guide students in using appropriate resources to facilitate the learning process as they pursue their personal and academic goals.

Changing Your Major or Minor
If you are considering changing or declaring a major in the College of Arts & Sciences, we recommend that you follow some helpful guidelines before making any changes.

List of Majors in Arts & Sciences
The College of Arts & Sciences offers almost 60 majors in fields of study ranging from the natural sciences and social sciences to the arts and humanities. Click on the name of each major to discover more information and relevant links.

Planning for Your Major
Major Academic Planners (MAPS) how a four year sequence of courses for most of the majors in the College of Arts & Sciences, and are designed to help you graduate in four years. However, please keep in mind that these are only suggested sequences.