Appendix 3

Appendix 3
Theme 3 -- Strengthening Community Engagement
Appendix 3E
Council for Informed Engagement: Possible Activities Related to Global Education

Examples of activities for the Council for Informed Engagement to consider are:

  1. Expand the percentage of Arts & Sciences students who gain global experiences during their time at Baylor, including exchange and study abroad offerings, international internships, and mission projects. Because Baylor teaches many different modern languages (11 currently), we need to ensure that students of those languages have study abroad opportunities.
  2. Increase scholarships for study abroad and other global opportunities, including missions. Many Baylor students cannot afford to attend summer or semester study abroad programs because of the high cost of tuition combined with rising prices of airfare, housing, and in-country transportation.
  3. Create and sustain degree programs that enhance students’ understanding of the global community; for example, the recently approved major in Arabic and Middle East Studies and minor in International Studies. The new secondary majors in Spanish, French, German, and Russian should enable more students to combine a foreign language major with a major outside of Arts & Sciences.
  4. Create and sustain extra-curricular programs that enhance students’ understanding of the global community. A primary example is the Global Community Living Learning Center, which should be expanded, but which has not been able to secure a full-time staff position for the key leadership role.
  5. Encourage more exchanges that would bring increasing numbers of international faculty and students to the Baylor campus