Appendix 3

Appendix 3
Theme 3 -- Strengthening Community Engagement
Appendix 3D
Global Coursework on the Baylor Campus


ANT 1310, Cultural Geography; ANT 2305, Anthropology in the Global Context; ANT 3318, African Civilization; ANT 3340, Societies and Cultures of Mexico and Central America; ANT 3352, Latin American Interface; ANT 4310, Societies and Cultures of East Asia; ANT 4312, Societies and Cultures of Africa


ARC 3303, Archaeology and the Bible; ARC 3351, Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica


CLA 3301, Roman Civilization; CLA 3302, Greek Civilization


GEOG 1300, World Geography


HIS 3305, Traditional China; HIS 3307, Japan; HIS 3310, The Middle East; HIS 3311, Middle East History 600-1798; HIS 3315, History of West Africa; HIS 3353, Pre-Colombian and Colonial Latin America; HIS 3355, Modern Latin America; HIS 4305, Modern China; HIS 4312, Modern Middle East History; HIS 4313, War and Peace in the Middle East; HIS 4350, The History of Gender in Latin America

Political Science:

International Relations and Comparative Politics courses: PSC 3315, Fundamentals of International Politics; PSC 3325, Ethnopolitical Conflicts; PSC 3304, Comparative Politics; PSC 3314, Politics and Problems of Developing Countries; PSC 3324, World Political Systems; PSC 4304, Governments and Politics of Latin America; PSC 4314, Government and Politics of Mexico; PSC 4334, Governments and Politics of the Middle East; PSC 4364, The Governments and Politics of the Asia-Pacific Region; PSC 4374, Governments and Politics of East Asia


REL 3345, World Religions