Appendix 3

Appendix 3
Theme 3 -- Strengthening Community Engagement
Appendix 3B
Study Abroad and Related Experiences
  1. Summer programs, taught in foreign countries by Baylor professors: Argentina, Austria (Political Science faculty), China, Germany, Great Britain (three programs), France, Spain (two programs), Turkey, Italy (two programs), Maastricht, Thailand (minimester during Christmas holidays), Turkey, Kenya (when safe), Senegal (proposed), Family and Consumer Sciences trip to Paris and London, Theatre Arts trip to Prague (every fourth year), and Brazil (Biology faculty).
  2. Semester-long programs coordinated and/or taught by Baylor professors: Maastricht, Netherlands; St Andrews, Scotland.
  3. International Exchange programs (IEX): courses taught at foreign universities with which Baylor has agreements. The student pays Baylor tuition; the International Studies Office coordinates the determining of course equivalencies, administers registration, and submits the grades after the participating universities return the transcript. BU has exchange programs all over the world: Argentina; Hong Kong Baptist; Hosei & Seinan Gakuin in Japan; China (three universities); Scotland (two universities); Cantabria, Spain; Saint Louis University in Madrid; Korea; Caen, France; South Africa; and Mexico (currently suspended because of safety issues).

    On campus, Arts & Sciences offers a significant number of programs that have global components.

  4. Academic programs:
    • Majors and minors in foreign languages: SPA, FRE, GER, RUS, AME (Arabic & Middle East Studies), LAT, GKC, BRL (majors), ARB, CHI, ITA (additional minors);
    • Majors and minors in area studies: AFS, *AST, *LAS, MES, *SEES (*majors);
    • Majors with international focus: most significant is International Studies, housed in the Department of Political Science. The intensive version of the IST major requires that students study abroad, and we offer an MA in International Journalism. World Affairs minor: 18 hours of coursework with an international focus plus foreign language study. Although the Department of Economics is housed in the School of Business, it offers a BA in Economics through the College. Many Economics courses have an international focus; and
    • Courses throughout the curricula of different departments in the College have an international focus. Please see Appendix 3D for a listing of courses, programs, and foreign languages.
  5. Global Community Living Learning Center: During the 2012-13 academic year, 52 students were living in the GLLC, and many more would have joined the GLLC had space in Brooks Flats been available. Currently, the faculty director is a Spanish lecturer, and the one-hour course on intercultural communication (MFL 1101/3101) that students living in the GLLC must take is taught by another Spanish lecturer. There is a staff director who is shared with the Fine Arts LLC