Appendix 2

Appendix 2E
Masters Programs Independent of Doctoral Programs

Masters programs described below should remain independent of Ph.D. tracks, based on student need and employment demand for the degrees:

  • The MSCP in Clinical Psychology, which grants degrees as prerequisites to doctoral programs and which must be completed at Baylor University before the student can be accepted into the doctoral program;
  • Masters programs where a terminal degree in the field is signified, such as the MFA; and
  • Masters programs that provide significant professional credentials and employment opportunities, including the fields of Environmental Science, Geology, and Nutrition Sciences.

The masters programs not associated with doctoral programs are American Studies, Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD), Communication Studies, Directing (in Theatre Arts, terminal), Environmental Science, Journalism and International Journalism, Museum Studies, Nutrition Sciences (in Family and Consumer Sciences), and Spanish.

Those departments with both doctoral and masters programs are Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, English, Geology, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Sociology, and Statistical Science