Appendix 2

Appendix 2D
Determining Resources Needed for New Faculty in the Sciences

Within the constraints of the University operational budget model and our fundraising potential, we project the need for a minimum of 40 faculty lines in the sciences during the coming decade. The faculty lines will include a combination of (a) new and replacement faculty lines funded by the University and (b) new faculty lines funded from endowments. These faculty lines will require substantial start-up and facilities costs. Funding for the salary costs for approximately two-thirds of these lines would come from existing positions and approximately one-third of the lines would free up existing research space, but all of the positions would require new start-up money.

These faculty are projected to facilitate an increase in annual external research expenditures of approximately $6 million. If the remaining 100 or so tenured faculty in the sciences increase their annual grant expenditures collectively by $6 million, then total external grant expenditures for the next 10 years would increase to $12 million annually. In the coming decade this increase, along with projected increases from Engineering and Computer Science, will place Baylor on a trajectory that leads to the RU/VH research classification.

Research space available in the Baylor Sciences Building is inadequate to meet the laboratory needs of these 40 faculty lines in the sciences. With replacements over the next 10 years, research space will become available for approximately 20 of the 40 faculty lines needed. The remaining 20 will need an estimated 80 research laboratory modules. Planning during the coming months will determine how much of this need can be offset by potential expansion space in the BSB.