Theme 5

Building the Financial Foundation


Act of Determination 10 -- Facilities and Administrative Revenue Sharing

As indirect costs from successful grant awards continue to increase, additional revenues will need to be generated to offset operational expenses and to support new and existing programs. Currently, the University receives 75 percent of Facilities and Administrative (F&A) revenues, and the home department receives 25 percent. Adjustments in these allocations will be needed in the future to empower the Dean to make strategic reinvestment decisions within Arts & Sciences. If within 10 years Arts & Sciences begins generating $10 million annually in grant expenditures, approximately $1.14 million per year in discretionary funds would be yielded, for example.

Action Step:
  • By Summer 2015 the Dean’s Office will develop a proposal to adjust F&A revenue sharing among the departments, Dean’s office, and Provost’s Office beginning with the 2015-2016 academic year. The dean's Office share, based on some percentage increase in future granting expenditures, would be reinvested into escalating start-up costs and various other initiatives related to scholarly endeavors.