Theme 5

Building the Financial Foundation


Act of Determination 5 -- Creating a Development Plan to Endow Existing Research Centers in the Sciences

Research centers will be critical for faculty access to shared research equipment and technical staffing. Endowing existing centers or endowments that leverage the creation of new centers will be important. A new Center for Microscopy and Imaging was recently endowed for $3 million, but it is still in need of an additional $1 million to fulfill the original operational needs. Interest earnings from the endowment will cover the cost of a technical staff line and the purchase of a new Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope.

Action Steps:
  • By Fall 2015 the Dean’s Office, in consultation with the Board of Advocates, will develop a plan for obtaining an additional $15 million to help fully endow the Center for Microscopy and Imaging and also to endow the Centers for Molecular Bioscience, Mass Spectrometry, and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Monies will be used to fund technical staff lines and research equipment.