Theme 5

Building the Financial Foundation


The difference between the sum of resources obtained through fundraising plus stewardship and the total resources needed to implement the 10-Year A&Spire Plan will require an infusion of resources from the University (Figure 5.1).

Act of Determination 1 -- University Contributions to A&Spire

Action Steps:
  • The University will in good faith attempt to provide faculty lines and associated start-up and facilities costs on an annual basis in order to reach the stated 10-year goal of hiring in Arts & Sciences.
  • The University will in good faith maintain operational budgets with modest annual growth rates.
  • The University will in good faith provide staffing needs where appropriate and other forms of faculty support regarding teaching and research.
  • The University will in good faith allow for savings through development and stewardship activities to be reinvested into Arts & Sciences.

Figure 5.1. Flow Chart Showing Strategies for Funding the A&Spire Strategic Plan

Figure 5.1 (resized)