Theme 4

Investing in the Health Sciences

Act of Determination 2 -- Creating a Taskforce to Study an Administrative Structure for the Health Sciences

Current activities related to the health sciences (i.e., research and clinical collaborations, undergraduate research experiences, graduate training, and academic programs) are numerous. Given the complexities associated with these health-related activities, particularly with research and external funding, we must strengthen and expand these efforts. An administrative structure within Arts & Sciences or the appointment of a health science coordinator will provide a readily identifiable and visible entity to coordinate, administer, and lead interdepartmental and multi-site academic and research programs.

Action Steps:
  • By Fall 2014 the Dean will appoint a taskforce with representatives from various academic departments involved in health-related activities to consider appointing a health science coordinator to provide better operational and strategic oversight.
  • A report with recommendations from the taskforce will be submitted to the Dean and Council of Chairs by Spring 2015.