Theme 3

Strengthening Community Engagement

Act of Determination 3 -- Engaging with University Efforts on Global Education

The first aspirational statement in Baylor's Pro Futuris strategic plan emphasizes globalization and Baylor's efforts to prepare students to live in a world that is increasingly interconnected. Within Arts & Sciences, global education takes two basic forms: study abroad experiences and on-campus experiences that include coursework and other activities with an international focus. A list of current coursework related to global issues is provided in Appendix 3D. Also, Appendix 3E outlines possible activities for the Council for Informed Engagement.

Action Steps:
  • By Fall 2015 the Council for Informed Engagement, after reviewing the final report of the Baylor Global Engagement Taskforce, will work with the Vice Provost for Global Engagement to create and implement strategic acts of determination resulting from the Provost’s approval of recommendations.
  • The Arts & Sciences Council for Informed Engagement will provide a report of its recommendations to the Council of Chairs during Fall 2015.