Theme 3

Strengthening Community Engagement

Act of Determination 2 -- Improving Waco and Central Texas Community Outreach

Baylor's mission calls us to teach, pursue research, innovate, and serve with full awareness of the needs and interests of others. Some of our Waco and Central Texas neighbors have deep economic needs, and some are marginalized. Baylor intentionally addresses these challenges through evidence-based, solutions-focused, capacity-building partnerships to ease burdens and resolve fundamental inequities. In keeping with our Christian mission, we will address many of these concerns in collaboration with local churches, as well as provide these congregations with resources.

Arts & Sciences also reaches out to Central Texas through a rich array of cultural opportunities in education and the arts. We are committed to encouraging the members of this larger community to visit campus to take advantage of lectures, theatrical productions, and art exhibits. Our students’ educational experiences will connect their academic and creative strengths to the world beyond the classroom. All students will be inspired to connect their classroom learning to experiential opportunities that promote meaningful reflection and action. Experiential learning opportunities help to develop Baylor students into leaders who can resolve challenging issues in our state, nation, and world. Arts & Sciences will establish a set of principles for Service Learning Courses (refer to Appendix 3C) that will be included in discussions on the core curriculum revisions.

Action Steps:
  • By Fall 2014 the Dean will appoint one of the council members to the University Community Engagement Council to continue these efforts (refer to Appendices 3A-3C).
  • By Spring 2015, under the leadership of the Events Coordinator, the Council for Informed Engagement will meet with community leaders involved in education, service, and research to begin to develop collaborations (refer to Figure 3.2).
  • By Spring 2015 the Arts & Sciences Council for Informed Engagement will provide a report to the Council of Chairs on activities related to Waco and Central Texas community outreach.

Figure 3.2. Hierarchical Chart Showing the Proposed Activities of the Council for Informed Engagement

Figure 3.2 (resized)