Theme 3


Strengthening Community Engagement

Act of Determination 1 -- Improving Campus Event Coordination and Promotion

The campus community is at the heart of Baylor's Pro Futuris vision. Arts & Sciences will improve communication pertaining to event planning, particularly for lecture series, seminars, recitals, exhibits, and other high-profile activities. While we support technological dissemination of information, we recognize that if promotion is limited to the calendar on the Baylor website, many people on campus and from the wider community will remain unaware of these offerings. Individual events are promoted through printed materials, but a master event calendar will raise awareness of everything that is happening on campus. Such a marketing and communications strategy is important because all too often excellent programs are under-attended, due in part to scheduling conflicts and limited publicity. To reach as large and diverse an audience as possible, Arts & Sciences will take steps to promote its scientific, cultural, and artistic offerings.

Action Steps:
  • By Fall 2014 the Dean, in consultation with the Theme 3 committee, will create the position of Events Coordinator5. This individual will interact with Baylor's Office of Marketing and Communications and with key individuals responsible for major activities and events in Arts & Sciences with the goal of improving coordination and publicity.
  • By Fall 2014, in consultation with the Events Coordinator, the Dean will form a Council for Informed Engagement. Council duties should include:
    • collecting data across Arts & Sciences concerning projects and programs involved in Informed Engagement; and
    • promoting Informed Engagement across Arts & Sciences.
  • By Spring 2015 the Events Coordinator will create a work plan on campus activities to be submitted annually to the Dean's Office and will work with the Director of Marketing and Communications of Arts & Sciences to:
    • enhance message delivery by improving print media such as brochures and magazines as well as electronic media such as the Arts & Sciences website, e-newsletters, and social media platforms; and
    • enhance communication with alumni by providing updates on events and initiatives and resources for lifelong learning.
  • The Events Coordinator will present a work plan to the Council of Chairs during Fall 2015.

    5We anticipate this position will consist of a non-teaching assignment for an existing faculty member.