Theme 2

Becoming a Nationally Recognized Research Institution

Act of Determination 3 -- Improving Doctoral Productivity in Arts & Sciences STEM Departments

To make significant contributions toward the University's goal of achieving Carnegie RU/VH status, doctoral graduation rates must increase across all departments, particularly those in the STEM fields in Arts & Sciences (refer to Table 2.1). Recruitment, retention, and graduation of a high-quality pool of doctoral students will be essential for each department.

Action Steps:
  • By Spring 2015 the Dean, in consultation with department chairs, will develop a plan to meet the goal of 80 doctoral graduates per year within 10 years. Departments will work toward a goal of contributing one or more doctoral lines through extramural research grants for every two lines committed by the Graduate School.
  • By Spring 2015 each department will submit to the Dean's Office a plan to utilize effectively the resources that are provided by the Graduate School for doctoral recruitment.
  • Departments with doctoral programs will provide an annual assessment in May of tenured and tenure-track faculty, noting progress toward sufficient grant support for increased doctoral lines.
  • Departments will strongly encourage all Ph.D. candidates to have at least one peer reviewed publication prior to graduation.