Theme 2

Becoming a Nationally Recognized Research Institution

Act of Determination 1 -- Developing Top-Tier Tenure and Promotion Guidelines

For Baylor to accomplish the transformation to RU/VH status in the Carnegie classification, Arts & Sciences departments will expect their tenure-track faculty to achieve top-tier research performance standards for tenure and promotion. We recognize that grant and publication expectations vary by disciplines and even by sub-disciplines. However, if Arts & Sciences is to increase research activity, all departments must contribute at levels above those currently achieved.

Appendix 2C lists tenure expectations during the typical six-year tenure-track probationary period. In addition, Arts & Sciences will hold candidates seeking promotion to Full Professor to the same standards as top-tier programs.

Action Steps:
  • By Fall 2014 departments wishing to improve the likelihood of receiving new and replacement faculty lines, particularly in the STEM fields, should provide a strategic plan to the Dean that includes revisions of departmental tenure and promotion guidelines that are consistent with those listed in Appendix 2C.
  • Department chairs will assess progress in grant expenditures in relation to release time and research space allocation for both tenure-track and tenured faculty and will provide an annual report to the Dean by no later than May each year, beginning in 2015.
  • By Summer 2015 the Dean, working with the Council of Chairs, will establish protocols for assessing progress toward promotion to Full Professor.