Theme 4

Investing in the Health Sciences
1 -- Creating a Space Plan for Health Science-Related Departments

The Dean’s Office will work with the taskforce to study configurations of the Baylor Sciences Building to enhance research and to address the space needs of departments of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Psychology and Neuroscience, and associated clinical programs.

2 -- Creating a Taskforce to Study an Administrative Structure for the Health Sciences

By Fall 2014 the Dean will appoint a taskforce to consider ways to provide better oversight of all health-related sciences.

3 -- Achieving More Favorable Student-to-Faculty Ratios in the Sciences

By Fall 2014 the Dean’s Office and the Arts & Sciences STEM department chairs will evaluate replacement and expansion hires and plan for hiring in support of the health sciences.

4 -- Creating a Faculty Structure for Clinical, Research, and Joint Appointments

By Fall 2014 the Dean’s Office will seek approval of job descriptions for clinical faculty and will assess the need for future clinical lines.

5 -- Benchmarks and Best Practices for Enrollment Management in the Health Sciences

By Fall 2014 the Dean will appoint a standing Arts & Sciences Enrollment Council to offer guidance on shaping the size and profile of the Arts & Sciences freshman class. By Fall 2014 the Dean will form a committee to create a proposal for a program of distinction for science students. Also, the Office of Prehealth Studies will provide leadership in developing a New Student Experience course for Fall 2015 to prepare prehealth students for the rigor of the science curriculum.

6 -- Building Collaborations across School Boundaries and among Medical Schools

By Spring 2015 the Dean’s Office will appoint a taskforce to explore a research center focused on health science initiatives, including bioinformatics. Also, the Dean’s Office will encourage faculty to explore possible research initiatives in Nutrition Sciences and in Child and Family Studies and will work with the Provost’s Office to establish contractual agreements on joint and adjunct faculty appointments between Baylor and Baylor College of Medicine and Scott & White Health.