Theme 2

Becoming a Nationally Recognized Research Institution
1 -- Developing Top-Tier Tenure and Promotion Guidelines

By Fall 2014 departments wishing to improve the likelihood of receiving new and replacement faculty lines should provide a strategic plan that includes revisions of tenure and promotion guidelines. Each year departments should assess progress toward Baylor’s stated goal to become a Carnegie Very High Research University.

2 -- Increasing Research and Creative Activities in the Humanities and Social Sciences

By Fall 2014 the Humanities and Social Science departments will submit plans to the Dean’s Office for increasing research activities and engaging in interdisciplinary research. By Spring 2015 the Dean, with guidance from the Humanities and Social Science department chairs, will develop a master space plan and assess the possibility of establishing a Center for Baptist Studies.

3 -- Improving Doctoral Productivity in Arts & Sciences STEM Departments

Over the next 10 years doctoral graduation rates in STEM departments will increase from approximately 20 per year to 80 per year, equaling aspirant universities currently classified as RU/VH.

4 -- Acquiring New Faculty in Arts & Sciences STEM Departments

By Fall 2014, the Dean, in consultation with chairs in Arts & Sciences STEM departments, will determine best practices regarding start-up funds, research space, infrastructural support, and faculty release time for research.

5 -- Increasing Staff Support for Arts & Sciences STEM Departments

By Fall 2014 the Dean will assess ways to improve reporting to the National Science Foundation of staff who support research and will determine the potential additions of clerical and technical staff lines needed to support Carnegie RU/VH research.

6 -- Creating and Enhancing Research Centers in Arts & Sciences STEM

By Fall 2014 the Dean will identify centers that are inactive, determine effective ways to redeploy those resources, and identify new centers needed to facilitate faculty and student research.

7 -- Planning for Masters Programs

By Fall 2014 all departments with masters programs will provide to the Dean a self-assessment upon which to base future decisions regarding program sustainability.