Board of Advocates

Board of Advocates 2016-2017

Baylor University College of Arts & Sciences
Board of Advocates 2016-2017

Pictured above are (Front row, L to R): David Burrows, Sue Steakley, Dr. Timothy McClellan, Dr. Kathy Stepp Tinius, Dr. Elaine Lambert, Shirley Clemons Hunter, Jackie Baugh Moore, Jenny Groman (v); (Back row, L to R): John Howard, Al Paramara, Brent C. Perry, Tom Day, Martha Day, Dena McDonald, Donna Robert, Tony Robert, Thomas A. Reedy, Thomas H. Moore (chair), Dr. Gabe Calzada, David Bronstein, Dr. William F. Cooper, Dr. Jeff Hunter, Carol Mills (v), Cliff Groman (v), Virginia DuPuy, Dr. Lee C. Nordt (Arts & Sciences dean).

(v = visitor)

Board of Advocates 2015-2016 No. 2

The Board of Advocates of the Baylor University College of Arts & Sciences plays an important role in helping the College carry out its vision and achieve its goals. Board members act as advocates for Arts & Sciences throughout the public and private sectors and provide financial support for College initiatives.

Craig Baker, Dallas, Texas

Jeffrey O. Bowden, Austin, Texas

David Bronstein, Oxnard, Calif.

David Burrows, Dallas, Texas

Dr. Gabe Calzada, Carlsbad, Calif.

Dr. William F. Cooper, Waco, Texas

Dr. David Cummings, San Angelo, Texas

Martha Day, Coppell, Texas

Tom Day, Coppell, Texas

Virginia DuPuy, Waco, Texas

Martha Edwards, Dallas, Texas

Charles Guittard, Houston, Texas

Dr. Jeff Herring, Nashville, Tenn.

John L. Howard Jr., Austin, Texas

Dr. Jeff Hunter, Whitehouse, Texas

Shirley Clemons Hunter, Katy, Texas

Michael Jenkins, Dallas, Texas

Dr. Elaine Lambert, Los Altos, Calif.

Haley March, Dallas, Texas

Ramsey March, Dallas, Texas

Dr. Timothy McClellan, Wichita Falls, Texas

Dena McDonald, Dallas, Texas

Jackie Baugh Moore, Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas

Thomas H. Moore (Chair), Whitney, Texas

Betty McCann Newman, Whitney, Texas

Al Paramara, Coppell, Texas

Brent C. Perry, Houston, Texas

Thomas A. Reedy, Whitney, Texas

Barrett Richards, Dallas, Texas

Sue Steakley, Belton, Texas

Dr. Kathy Stepp Tinius, Dallas, Texas

Rose Youngblood, Fort Worth, Texas