Word Wise Season 3

Season 3

Date Item
09/21/2010  Pi (02:46)
Pi may have started out as just a formula, but Dr. Frank Mathis, professor of Mathematics, introduces us to some of the people behind pi.
05/31/2010  Ask and Acs (02:44)
Dr. Clay Butler, a senior lecturer in the English department, talks about metathesis, a process by which two sounds in a word are reveresed. In this episode, we take a look at "ask" and its earlier form "acs."
12/28/2009  Resolutions (02:56)
Still remember those New Year's resolutions? An understanding of what a resolution really is can help you keep on track. Dr. Michael Frisch, professor of Psychology explains.
12/21/2009  Face That Launched 1,000 Ships (02:38)
Who had the "face that launched a thousand ships?" You'll meet her in this episode with Dr. Brent Froberg, senior lecturer in Classics.
12/14/2009  Stewardship (03:37)
Our language abounds with environmental terms these days. Dr. Susan Bratton, professor of Environmental Science, gives us a history of 'stewardship' before it went green.
12/07/2009  Pantry (03:16)
Words sometimes enjoy more popularity in one language than another. As Dr. Christian Bratu, assistant professor of French and Italian, explains, "pantry" isn't used in modern French, its original language. However, we use it frequently in modern English.
11/30/2009  Overused and Annoying Words (03:19)
Basically, we're, like, whatever, if you know what I mean. Dr. Cassy Burleson, senior lecturer in journalism, shares research on words most Americans find overused or just plain annoying.
11/23/2009  Chocolate (02:27)
Before Hershey produced chocolate in Pennsylvania, the Aztec and the Mayan were making it in Central America. Dr. Andrew Scherer, assistant professor of Anthropology, gives some history behind the word chocolate and its original recipe.
11/16/2009  Kolache (02:34)
You can have a second kolache just by asking for one! In this episode, Dr. Adrienne Harris, assistant professor of Russian, gives some background on kolaches, the popular Czech breakfast food.
11/09/2009  Calorie (02:08)
Whether its broccoli or brownies, we?re always counting calories for one reason or another. But exactly what is it we?re counting? Dr. Luann Soliah, professor of Nutrition, explains what a calorie is as well as how a calorie may actually be much larger than you think.
11/02/2009  Post Production (02:02)
Work on a movie continues long after the actors have gone home. Dr. Chris Hansen, assistant professor of Film and Digital Media, elaborates on the post production phase of filmmaking.
10/05/2009  Beyond the Pale (02:39)
"Beyond the pale" is an old expression used to describe behavior. Dr. Tom Offit, assistant professor of Socio-cultural Anthropology, tells the story of the origins of this phrase.