Word Wise Season 2

Season 2

Date Item
05/24/2010  Comedy and Tragedy (02:47)
Talk about drama! Dr. John Thorburn, professor of Classics, takes us back to the roots of comedy and tragedy.
05/17/2010  Break A Leg! (03:25)
There have always been good intentions behind this phrase. Dr. Stan Denman, professor of Theatre, talks about how although the phrase has several stories of origin, they all meant good wishes for the actor.
05/10/2010  Violence (03:27)
One definition for violence comes from the Motion Picture Association of America. For their ratings, they once chose to define violence as it related to criminality. Dr. Jim Kendrick, assistant professor of Film and Digital Media, explains.
12/28/2009  Resolutions (02:56)
Still remember those New Year's resolutions? An understanding of what a resolution really is can help you keep on track. Dr. Michael Frisch, professor of Psychology explains.
09/07/2009  Fashion (02:57)
What's in? What's out? Who is deciding what's in fashion? Dr. Lorynn Divita explains the five stages of fashion cycle.
08/31/2009  News (02:23)
The addage used to be "man bites dog- that's news!" Prof. Bob Darden helps us understand more about what news is as well as what it isn't.
08/24/2009  Law of Physics (03:04)
If you break this kind of law, it really isn't a law anymore! Physics professor Dr. Jeffrey Olafson explains.
08/10/2009  Evangelical (02:37)
Two definitions of evangelical are commonly used today. Dr. Bill Bellinger, professor of Religion, traces the path of the word from its root meaning, good news.
07/21/2009  Aesthetics (02:32)
Aesthetics is based on a Greek word relating to sensory perception, but Dr. Lorynn Divita, associate professor of Fashion Merchandising, shows how aesthetics says not only what we like but also what we are like.
07/13/2009  Stereoscopic (02:26)
What do the movies Jaws, Cat-Women of the Moon, Dial M for Murder and The Polar Express all have in common? They were all produced for stereoscopic vision, which is a million dollar term for ?3-D.? Dr. Corey Carbonara, a professor of telecommunications, is here to tell us a little more that technique.
07/06/2009  Rational (03:00)
Dr. Frank Mathis, Professor of Mathematics takes us back to ancient Egypt and Greece to get to the origins of "rational" number.
06/26/2009  Run Amuck (02:19)
Know anyone who has ever "run amuck?" Dr. Tom Offit, professor of Anthropology, tells the history of the phrase.