Word Wise Season 1

Season 1

Date Item
06/22/2009  Absolute Zero (02:47)
Dr. Jeff Olafson explains how "absolute zero" isn't merely a degree but is actually the coldest anything can be.
06/15/2009  Caesar (02:31)
Caesar: man, salad, and hairstyle? Dr. Thorburn from the classics department explains.
06/08/2009  Fat (02:51)
Is fat really bad or are we just excessively scared of it? Dr. Suzy Weems, professor of nutrion and chair of Family and Consumer Sciences, clears the air on why this word has gotten such a bad rap lately.
06/01/2009  Church (02:24)
Is church a place, an institution, or a group of people? Dr. Weaver from the religion department talks about what a church really is.
05/26/2009  Soliloquy (02:49)
How actors can memorize long speeches is an amazing feat, but whether the speech is a monologue or a soliloquy depends on who is around. Dr. Stan Denman, Associate Professor of Theatre, offers some direction on the topic.
05/18/2009  Anonymous Source (02:54)
Where did you get that information? Does anyone know the identity of an anonymous source? Prof. Robert Darden explains how anonymous sources contribute to fair and unbiased reporting.
05/11/2009  Gore (03:00)
Even Shakespeare knew what this meant. The spelling may have changed, but the meaning of this word has had little variation explains Dr. James Kendrick, Assistant Professor of Film and Digital Media.
05/04/2009  Happiness (02:27)
The popular song ?Don?t Worry, Be Happy? may have oversimplified this mental state, but happiness in life isn?t beyond our reach, as a psychologist explains. Dr. Michael Frisch, Professor of Psychology explains.
04/27/2009  Design (02:30)
The creative process may involve great freedom and experimentation, but many terms from creative professions or activities have a technical definition. Dr. Lorynn Divita, assistant professor of Fashion Merchandising shares more on the term.
04/20/2009  High Definition (02:27)
"High definition" has been used to describe a television picture for marketing purposes, but the term now has a very technical definition. Color fidelity is 10 times greater, horizontal dimension of the screen is one-third larger, and HDTV features six-channel sound. Visiting with us is Dr. Corey Carbonara, Professor of Film and Digital Media.
04/13/2009  Diet (03:11)
South Beach? Atkins? Bananas? Or another word for a government body? Dr. Suzy Weems, Professor of Nutrition Science, fills us in.
04/06/2009  Google (02:52)
The name for the popular search engine was originally intended for mathematics. Our guest is Will Crockett, Director of Public Relations for the College of Arts and Sciences.