Environmental Health Science

Environmental health is a field of science that studies how the environment influences human health and disease. “Environment” in this context means identifying and addressing how the environment impacts human health and natural resources.

This emerging and exciting field is a terrific way to combine interdisciplinary science coursework with a passion for the environment and improving people's lives. Since this major pulls from many different areas, you'll be well-versed in not only the science of environmental health, but also with the environment's connections to economics, public policy and law. Additionally, you'll be one of few to have formal education in this high-demand field, positioned for success in a variety of jobs.

Course Descriptions
In this program, you'll take a variety of courses that help you understand how the environment influences human health and disease. This means taking classes in nutrition, chemistry, biology, environmental science, economics and others.

Faculty from across Baylor contribute to this program, allowing you to build a rich network of support as you get your education and transition into the work force.

Resources and Facilities
A variety of field experiences, laboratories and other facilities give you an opportunity to truly go beyond the classroom in gaining knowledge and experience.

Internships and Careers
Email Dr. Bryan Brooks for more information in this area or visit this website. A variety of agencies and organizations offer listings for summer internships, fall and spring internships, and jobs that would be a great fit for your skills upon graduation.