What it's all about

As a mathematics major, you'll be immersed in a broadly-based curriculum that includes a variety of mathematical areas, both traditional and contemporary. Math involves not just learning the terms, methods and formulae but also how to apply mathematics to solve theoretical and practical problems. Known as the “language of science,” you can apply your knowledge base in math across a wide range of fields such as science, business, psychology, social sciences or computer science.

Mathematics can be done as a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. The Bachelor of Arts gives students a basic liberal arts education and the Bachelor of Science degree prepares students for careers in engineering and the biological, physical or other social sciences.

You might take classes such as:

  •  Calculus
  •  Linear Algebra
  •  Introduction to Analysis
  •  Partial Differential Equations
  •  Structure of Modern Geometry

Graduates of this major go on to:

  •  graduate school or law school
  •  work for the government
  •  take jobs in the business industry