International Studies

What it's all about

International Studies is an interdisciplinary major administered by the Department of Political Science. Students have the opportunity to learn about regions of the world as well as social, political and economic issues confronting actors in the international environment. The interdisciplinary curriculum, combined with foreign language study, offer students flexibility in planning their course of study in consultation with a faculty advisor.

Students in the International Studies major will take required core courses in the fundamental principles of international politics and comparative study of world political systems. Two specialized tracks, one focused on global regions and the other focused on global issues and institutions, as well as electives complete the basic requirements for the major.

You might take classes such as:

  •  Fundamentals of International Politics
  •  Power Morality and International Relations
  •  International Political Economics

Graduates of this major go on to:

  •  U.S. Government agencies
  •  Nonprofit organizations
  •  International law
  •  International business
  •  Missions
  •  Education