Art History

What it's all about

Art history is the study of how to analyze art and form opinions. The program covers the histories of painting, sculpture, graphic arts, and other visual art forms alongside religion, politics, economics, philosophy and culture. You'll learn to interpret and analyze art within a cultural setting as well as understanding the technique and vocabulary of various art forms. Students sharpen skills in critical thinking, writing, and speaking.

The topics are taught in classrooms equipped with new digital media and the ability to present slide shows. The specializations of Baylor's current art history faculty include Greek antiquity, Roman antiquity, Italian Renaissance, Mannerism, Italian Baroque, Nineteenth Century Europe, Colonial America to 1900, America Since 1900, Contemporary, and Art Theory and Criticism.

You might take classes such as:

  • Greek Art
  • Roman Art
  • Philosophy and the Arts
  • Italian Renaissance Art
  • Art Theory and Criticism
Graduates of this major go on to:
  • Careers as a scholar in universities
  • Work in museums or arts organizations
  • Jobs in arts administration, art galleries or auction houses.